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( Map ) to Orting Veterans Cemetery.
Melissa Leady's Memorial Day (2014) Blog

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Year 2023:

Let's pray for the end of the War in the Ukraine.

- Monthly Council Officers planning meeting - The 1st Tuesday of the Month 7pm (Greier Hall)
- Monthly Council General Membership Business Meeting - 3rd Tuesday of the Month 7pm-Rosary 7:30pm-Mtg. (Greier Hall)
- Monthly Assembly Business Meeting - 3rd Saturday of the Month, (Mary Mary's)Brf-8am,Mtg-9am.
- Metal Recycling - the last consecutive Friday and Saturday of the Month.

- November 25, 2023 - God Bless you all! - Stay Safe!
From the Grand Knight John Larsen and the Faithful Navigator Jerry Zukowski

Our Seminaries Nathan Hatch, Dovid Do, Robert Currell and Evan MacKenzie

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Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church
      Knights of Columbus
Council #6806 and Assembly #1845
Host the 41st Annual Joseph C. Martin Appreciation
Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday November 19, 2023
Thanks to all who helped put on a truly super event for our parishioners.
Grand Knight John Larsen, Chairman

Click here. to see some pictures of this event.

Pick up the US Flags at Orting Veterans Cemetery Nov. 18, 2023

Click here. to see some pictures of this event.

POW/MIA Rosary (OLQH) - November 11, 2023

Pictured (L-R)
Colonel Louis Fuertes, US Army (Retired)
Master Sergeant Katherine Roddy, US Army (Retired)
Colonel Louie Fraire, US Army (Retired)

Faded picture on table: Captain Derrill Ratliff, MIA 12 May 1944 Bailed out of a B26 Bomber that
Brother Darrell Joque's Dad was Piloting.
Click here. to see some pictures from the ceremony..

Dorothy Day Bags created - October 30, 2023

Sir Knight Lynn Propeack gave a class on putting together Needy Packets (Dorthy Day Bags) to the children of Lady Anne Fuertes's NCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children) class.
Thanks Lady Anne and her kids, the bags will be sold at one of the Knights events at a cost of $5 and will be given out to those who are needy in our area.
Click here. to see 4 pictures of the work in progress..

Pancake breakfast October 22, 2023

Thanks parishioners who support our Knights. Knights and helping parishioners that worked the breakfast:
Louie Fraire, John Larsen, Leroy Winters, Marion Nemia, Dan Dela Llana, Marcel Guaring,
Eugene Schmidt, Louis Fuertes, Bob Wilkinson, Fred Glenister, Ruben Pacho, Jerry Zukowski,
Lynn Propeack, Dwight Booth, Ed & Julia Camacho,
Grandson of Ed & Julia - Jace Edward Camacho a Junior at Spanaway Lake High School (community service 4.5 hours).

Sir Knights Lynn Propeack and Louie Fraire, Co-Chairman

2022-2023 "Star" Council Awarded to Council 6806

Congratulations to the Knights of Columbus here at Our Lady Queen of Heaven who have won "STAR" Council
for the Fiscal Year 2022-2023. This is their 3rd year for the award.
The award was presented by Sir Knights Louis Fuertes and Father Mamba to Sir Knight Jerry Zukowski
the Grand Knight for this period. The award was presented at the KofC Church breakfast on Oct 22, 2023.
Jerry Zukowski would like to give thanks to all of the Council members and all the parishioners here at OLQH
who helped to achieve this award.

US Flags set out on July 1, 2023 for the July 4th holiday at the veterans cemetery in Orting.

Click to see 2 pictures taken by Lady Annies cell phone.

US Flags picked up on July 8, 2023.

Click to see 6 pictures taken also by Lady Annies cell phone.
Thanks to our friends, our Knights, our Girl and Boy Scouts.
Super Job People! Sir Knight Lynn Propeack, Flag Chairman

Council 6806 installs its officers for FY 2023-2024

Congratulations to all the incomming officers and thanks for the help you provided me to the outgoing officers. I believe the pandemic is past us, so lets push forward in supporting our new Grand Knight John Larsen.
A Council picnic was performed at this event on June 24th with lots of delicious dishes from our members and their wives. Thanks to Brother Louie Fuertes for the Pig (pictured).
Congratulations to our Knight of the Year: Brother John Larsen
Congratulations to our Family of the Year: Brother Leroy and his Lady Phyllis Winters
Jerry Zukowski Past Grand Knight Click to see pictures.

Council 6806 is awarded 3rd Place for Tootsie Roll fund Drive

The award was presented to the Grand Knight Jerry Zukowski and the Co-chairman Sir Knights Louie Fraire and Darrell Joque at the Masses held on June 24th and 25th.
This award was for the collection of funds of over $6,600 that will be used for Special Olympics in Washington state. 3rd place is among the 187 Councils in our State. The Grand Knight and the Co-chairman would like to thank all the Knights and all the parishioners that donated their time in raising these funds.
Sir Knights Darrell Joque and Louie Fraire, Co-Chairman
Click to see pictures.

OLQH Knights hold a Clam Feed on Saturday June 17, 2023

Job well done brothers. The volunteers included: Brian & Vanessa Poje, Marion & Juanita Nemia, John Larsen, Lynn Propeack, Eugene Schmidt, Wally Chyr, Dan Dela Llana, Jerry Zukowski, Darrell Joque, Bob Wilkinson and Louie Fuertes.
Thanks to our Brothers and their Ladies, your Tops
Chairman Brian Poje

OLQH KofC 2023 Scholarships:

The Annual Richard Pittard Memorial Scholarship for $1,000 was awarded to Mariah Daheim at the 4pm Mass on June 3, 2023.
Click to see picture. Thanks Brother Bob Wilkinson for the picture.
The Annual Past Knights Scholarship for $1,000 was awarded to Jordan Riggs at the 8:30am Mass on June 4, 2023.

New flag and rope installed for Marymount senior living apartments.
Thanks Brother Lynn Propeack. Click to see new flag.

Mexican Fiest performed on May 19, 2023
Thanks to those that attended the Fiest. Those that volunteered were Brian and Lady Venessa Poje, Marion Nemia, Lynn Propeack, Ed Borgatti, Jerry Zukowski, Fred Glenister, Louis and Lady Anne Fuertes, Bob and Lady Tina Wilkinson, Ed and Lady Ruth Caballero. Thanks also to Brother Wally Chyr, Wally was at a local store triped on the way out ending with a fractured arm and many bruises. We know you were there in spirit. Thanks Wally. Hope I didn't forget anyone.

Brother Brian Poje, Chairman
Click here. to see 8 pictures of this event. Thanks Brother Bob for the pictures.

OLQH May crowning celebration, International Pot luck held on May 7, 2023.
Pictured in the red cap is Brother Louie Fuertes (Filipino)
The Native American is our Brother Louie Fraire
The cowboy is the Washington State Council Recruiting Chairman, Micheal Rutledge
The pig is local.
Knighting of Sir Knight Anthony De Rosa 04-29-2023
to our brand new Sir Knight Anthony De Rosa which happened
on April 29, 2023 at St. Charles Barromeo.

John Larsen
Faithful Navigator Assembly 1845
Click here. to see 10 pictures of this event.

Grand Knight Jerry Zukowski presents the Family of the Month award to the
San Nicolas family after the 8:30am Mass on April 30, 2023 at OLQH.

Thanks to the helpers at the April 23, 2023 Pancake Breakfast See Volunteer list.

Message from Charles Burr (92) family, recently passed. Click here.

Plea to our Council Members for Help

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