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Year 2017:

- Sep 16-20 - Federal Way rest stop
- Sep 19 - Gen membership meeting, 7pm-Rosary, 7:30pm-Mtg
- Sep 22, 23 & 24 - Tootsie Roll Drive, Fred Myers 72nd
- Sep 23 - Mass Intention for Brother Knight Melvin Ballman, Saturday 5:30pm
- Sep 24- KC/Parish Breakfast after all Masses
- Sep 24 - Mass Intention for Sir Knight Cliff Gundersen, Sunday at 11am
- Sep 29,30,Oct 1 - Tootsie Roll Drive, Ace hardware, Roy Y
- Sep 30/Oct 1 - Metal Recycle
- Oct 3 - Officer's Meeting, St Joseph room, 7pm
- Oct 17 - Gen membership mettin, 7pm-Rosary, 7:30pm-Mtg

Our Seminaries Michael Barbarossa, Kyle Poje and Chad Hill

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KofC Rummage Sale Aug 25.26.27 2017

Click here to see 12 pictures of this event.

Knights Working on OLQH Sprinkler System
July 2017

Thanks you Brother Sir Knights for helping with the Our Lady Queen of Heaven sprinker system:

Sir Knight Louie Fraire, Sir Knight Lynn Propeack,
Sir Knight Marion Nemia, Sir Knight Fred Glenister,
Sir Knight Bob Wilkinson and Sir Knight Darrell Joque

Click here to see 4 pictures of this event.

Helpers at the Pancake Breakfast on July 23rd

We would like to thank all those that came to help with the Pancake Breakfast:
Fred Glenister, Keith Painter, Bob & Tina Wilkinson, Darrell Joque, Louie Fraire, Rick Collins, Ben Smith, Marion Nemia, Lynn Propeack, Dan Dela Llana, Rebecca & Crystal Sullivan, Jim Flammio, Dwight Booth, Charles Monfort, Jerry & Ana Zukowski, Wally Chyr, Rob Afrer and Brian Poje.

Leroy Winters
Grand Knight Council #6806

Council 6806/Assembly 1845 Web Page History
07-21-17Tacoma Rainiers Click here to see 16 pictures of this event.

07-18-17Volunteers for the Dorothy Day Packages

07-08-17Pick Flags up from the 4th Click here to see information about the coins left on the headstones..

07-01-17Set flags up for the 4th of July Click here to see 11 pictures of this event.

06-25-17KC/Parish Pancake Breakfast Click here to see 7 pictures of this event.

06-23-17Installation of Council 2017-18 Officers Click here to see 19 pictures of this event.

06-04-17Blessing of the Fleet in Gig Harbor Click here to see 10 pictures of this event.

06-03-174000 lunches for Special Olympics Click here to see 6 pictures of this event.

06-03-17New Sir Knights Click here to see 6 pictures of this event.

06-03-17Flags up for Memorial Day Click here to see 6 pictures of this event.

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